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As a broker with 26 years experience in selling insurance, paying claims and access to all major insurance companies, I can offer a variety of plans at most competitive rates. Click here to request a custom quote  or  here for online insruance quotes and to apply online Today’s
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Business Owners – taking control of your group benefits

* Are you a business owner and fed up with increasing benefit premiums? * Do you feel that you pay a lot in premiums, and your employees are not claiming? * Are you incurring expenses that are not covered on your health plan? * Do you want to give your employees benefits but are skept
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Have you set aside money in the event that you require long-term care? Are you part of the baby boomer generation?

The most recent Canadian statistic regarding long-term care reported that in 2012 about 2.2 million Canadians with a long-term illness, disability or ageing needs had received care in their own home in the last 12 months (Statistics Canada, 2012). The statistics also showed that the v
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Insuring Your Retirement with Long-Term Care Insurance

When we think about our retirement plans, we tend to picture positive activities like travelling and spending more time with the people closest to us. If we’re in good health now, it can be difficult to picture the problems that inevitably arise as we age into our retirement. Long-Ter
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Why Should You Consider Converting Your Term Life Insurance Policy?

Term life insurance is a low cost option for obtaining life insurance. Depending on the carrier you choose, the term and options vary. Some terms are as low as a 5 year term, whereas some term coverage stays in place until the age of 65 or even higher. The length of the term will impa
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Have You Been Declined For Life Insurance?

Have You Been Declined for Life Insurance? Putting life insurance in place gives you piece of mind that your loved ones will be taken care when you are not around. Although you might want the coverage, certain circumstances could arise that have made you high risk and therefore you ar
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Critical Illness Insurance – What You Need to Know

Critical Illness Insurance – What You Need to Know. We all know someone who has been diagnosed with a critical illness. The repercussions that an illness takes on an individual and their family are life changing. Not only the stress of having to overcome the illness and get bett
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5 Tips on Managing Your Finances

5 Tips on Managing Your Finances. The one major rule for managing your money the right way is “don’t spend more than you earn”. This principle sounds simple but is actually harder than we think to follow. Here are some tips to help you manage your money the right way: 1- Analyze, unde
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