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Funeral Insurance

MSI - Mario Schwarzenberg Insurance Services Inc.Funeral insurance will offer your family more cost-effective way to pay for your funeral.  As much as we do not like to think about our, or anybody else’s funeral, inevitably when the time comes, somebody will have to be responsible for this expense. Especially if the person dies after extensive illness and depleted savings or even borrowed money, having available funds that are specifically prepared for the funeral expenses will give your family peace of mind. Also, it is much easier to spread the payments for the funeral insurance over years into monthly premiums, instead of paying the full lump sum right aways. Especially if the person is on fixed income, s/he will find much easier. Another important aspect to take into consideration is increasing cost. Over long period of time the savings might not be enough to cover the cost of funeral. By proper planing and using funeral insurance you no longer have to worry about leaving debts and financial stress. You can never be too young to start funeral insurance and at younger age the premiums are even lower.

Save on the high cost of funeral expenses by using funeral insurance

$ 25,000  BENEFIT  FOR  ONLY

Age Male Female
53 $46 $39
58 $60 $49
63 $75 $59
68 $101 $78
73 $143 $112
78 $208 $171

 (estimated monthly non-smoker rates)

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