Celebrating 26 Years
MSI - Mario Schwarzenberg Insurance Services Inc.

Insurance Services Offered

As a broker with 26 years experience in selling insurance, paying claims and access to all major insurance companies, I can offer a variety of plans at most competitive rates in the following areas:

Critical Illness
Can you maintain your life style while recovering from an unexpected illness?
Life Insurance
(Term / Permanent)
Who will financially provide for your family if you are not there tomorrow?
Mortgage Insurance
Does your mortgage insurance protect “You” or “the bank”?
Disability Insurance
Who will pay for your everyday needs if you are unable to work?
Dental Medical Plans
Are you taking advantage of tax benefits while paying for your medications?
Buy-Sell / Key Person
Are you self-employed and/or business owner?

Did you recently review and update your insurance portfolio to provide for your always changing needs?

(new baby, new home, job change, etc. – update beneficiaries, trustees, amount, and type of insurance)

Free Review and Evaluation

Please let me know if I can be of help to you, your family and/or friends,

especially business owners and families with children, where the insurance is so important.

Save Time & Money with Proper Planning

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