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Benefits for Realtors

 Dental Medical Vision / Health Spending Account

… the Best Kept Secret in Canada’s Income Tax Act!

A Health Spending Account (HSA) is a CRA approved way for incorporated individuals to pay for medical, dental and vision expenses through the company. 

There is no cost to sign up for HSA

• Converts those expenses into 100% business deductions
• You determine the contribution amount
• You determine how to spend your benefit dollars

It’s Your Money … It’s Your Choice. Spend Your HSA Dollars On Any Of The Following And Much, Much More!

Crown & Bridgework
Dental Whitening
Drugs (prescribed)*
Hearing Aids
Optical Centres
Orthopedic Shoes
Vein Removal

Botox Injections
Contact Lenses*
Laser Eye Surgery
Reg’d Massage Therapy
Viagra* Vitamins*

Birth Control Pills*
Contraceptive Devises*
Dental Implants
Fertility Treatments
Nursing Homes
Skin Care*

Dental Treatments
Drug Addiction Therapy
Hair Replacement
Therapy Equipment
* certain restrictions apply

An HSA is a uniquely designed trust account, established to pay for your family’s health care costs. All deposits are recognized by Revenue Canada (CCRA) as 100% tax deductible for the year in which they are contributed – even if the money is not spent that year.

If you are already spending the money, why not make it tax deductible?

Click here to sign up for HSA

You are covered for all traditional health care costs, like dental, prescription drugs and vision care.  The HSA also extends to cover the rest of your costs: family orthodontic, cosmetic and restorative dental, laser eye surgery, cosmetic surgery and even long term care costs for elderly dependents.

What if, due to accident or illness, you need more coverage than your HSA contributions? You can purchase additional HSA Insurance.

Dental Medical Vision coverage made easy: click here (pdf)

Handbook: click here (pdf)

Disability Income Replacement for Realtors

If you cannot work because of an injury, you still will need to replace your income to pay for your and your family’s daily needs e.g. food, mortgage, children’s activities, utilities and property taxes, etc. Your disability income replacement insurance will pay you each month while you are disabled.

Monthly Benefit Personal Injury Monthly Cost* Annual Gross Income
Required for Personal Injury
$1,000 $ 9 $ 35,000
$1,500 $14 $ 50,000
$2,000 $19 $ 70,000
$2,500 $24 $ 80,000
$3,000 $29 $100,000
$3,500 $34 $115,000
$4,000 $39 $130,000
$4,500 $43 $160,000
$5,000 $48 $190,000
$5,500 $53 $220,000
$6,000 $58 $250,000

  * Class AA, 24-hour Injury coverage, 30-day elimination period, 5-year benefit period, under age 64. – includes $10,000 AMTB

Ask about included $10,000 AMTB Accidental Medical Treatment Benefit that will reimburse you for additional expenses due to injury not covered by OHIP (rehabilitation, physiotherapy, wheelchair, crutches, etc). Also available is optional illness coverage.


Business Overhead Expenses (BOE) for Realtors

If you cannot work because of an injury, you still will need to pay for your fixed business expenses e.g. Real Estate fees (TREB, OREA, RECO), licenses, memberships, phone and internet, office and desk fees, E&O insurance, etc. Your BOE insurance will reimburse these expenses while you are disabled.

Monthly Benefit Business Overhead Expense (BOE)
Monthly Payment**  (tax-deductible)
$1,000 $  5        (old rate $12)
$1,500 $  8
$2,000 $10        (old rate $24)
$2,500 $13
$3,000 $15        (old rate $36)
$3,500 $18
$4,000 $21        (old rate $48)
$4,500 $23
$5,000 $26        (old rate $60)
$5,500 $29
$6,000 $31        (old rate $72)

   ** Class AA, 24-hour Injury coverage, 30-day elimination period, 24 months benefit period, under age 69.


Critical Illness Coverage for Realtors

If you are diagnosed with cancer, heart attack, stroke, etc, you will have additional medical expenses, your ability to earn income will be affected, and your spouse or someone else will likely have to help you with your daily routine. The critical illness coverage will pay you a lump sum tax-free benefit so you can pay for your regular and additional expenses. There are no restrictions on how you use the money e.g. pay for your mortgage, living expenses, medications, and even out of country medical treatment. You can even conveniently apply online for no medical critical illness coverage.


Benefits for your clients.

You can help your clients in making better decisions about their mortgage insurance. They can use life insurance to protect their mortgage. It will offer them better coverage at lower payments and they can use a convenient online process to obtain the protection they need.


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