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Get $1,000s In Benefits

Family Benefits included with insurance. At no additional cost to you, receive Member Family Benefits, as part of your insurance. John and Mary have three young children age 1, 3 and 5. As part of their insurance, they received their Member Family Benefits, at no additional cost. Beca
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Protect Your Income

Living benefits becoming very popular. Not only are the proceed used to replace the income but also to pay for additional expenses due to illness. Andrew was very surprised when he was diagnosed with cancer. He never smoked, he is physically active and fit. He considered himself in be
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Mortgage Protection

When buying mortgage insurance you can use insurance offered by the bank or private insurance. John & Mary, bought their first house. They have $250,000 mortgage and want to make sure that in case one of them dies, the mortgage is paid off.  They are considering their options. The
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Different Types of Life Insurance

Mario Schwarzenberg Insurance Services Inc.
There are 3 types of Life Insurance: – Term Life Insurance – most commonly used for temporary needs e.g. when you have financially dependent children, mortgage or business, and need most insurance for lowest payments – Permanent Life Insurance – accumulates cas
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Save on Funeral Expenses

funeral insurance
Using the proceeds of life insurance policy, is more cost effective way that using savings. Funeral Insurance. Judith has been a single mother for most of her daughter’s life. She learned that she needs to be independent. Therefore, has saved $15,000 to make sure that when she dies, h
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Insurance for Parents

CPP-Mario Schwarzenberg Insurance Services Inc.
Insurance for parents will offer peace of mind and financial help. Many adult children face financial problems when it comes to paying for their parent’s funeral.  Having their own families and young children to support, more often than not, there is no disposable income. Dealin
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