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Will and Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is for while you are alive, and a Will is for after you pass away. These legal documents enable you to appoint someone to manage your financial and legal affairs. They describe your wishes about your care, care for your loved ones, distribution of your properties and belongings.

You have a Will to make sure you, not somebody else, decide who receives your estate. If you do not have a Will, the law decides on how your estate is distributed among your siblings, spouse or common-law (your common-law does not automatically inherit your estate or even a portion of it), parents, and your children. A dependent child, especially the one with special needs, may not be properly provided for. Your entire estate can go to the Ontario government if you do not have living next of kin and no will to instruct on how to distribute it.

If you have children, you would want to appoint a guardian of your choice to take care of the children, and a trustee to make decisions on how the funds are allocated for your children’s needs before they reach a certain age. Making financial decisions during hard times, can become too emotionally difficult and cause an extra burden on your loved ones.

Proper planning helps minimize your estate’s tax exposure and make sure your wishes are honored.

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