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Would You Like To Know…

  • if you and your loved ones are properly protected
  • if you have full control over your insurance or your employer, the insurance company, bank, association, or credit card controls your insurance
  • if you have life insurance, critical illness insurance, disability insurance, and business overhead expenses coverage, dental medical vision insurance, HSA-Health Spending Account
  • if your beneficiaries and trustees are up-to-date; Primary and Contingent Beneficiaries, Trustees for underage children

Here Is What You Want To Make Sure You Know:

  • If your life insurance is Term Life Insurance:
    • Term10, Term20, Term30
    • is it Renewable and Convertible and if the Exchange benefit is included
  • If your life insurance is Permanent Life Insurance:
    • Whole Life Insurance – Life Pay, 20-Pay, Enhanced or Paid-up Addition
    • Universal Life Insurance – COI-Cost of Insurance – Level or ART/YRT, DB-Death Benefit: Level;  Level+Funds / Increasing
  • If your Critical Illness Insurance:
    • is Term10, Term20, Term65, Term70, Term75, Term100
    • does it include ROP-Return of Premium
    • is owned personally or by a corporation
  • If your Disability Insurance:
    • offers 24-Hour or Non-Occupational coverage
    • uses net or gross income to calculate insurance earnings
    • what is your EP-Elimination Period, BP-Benefit Period, CP-Coverage Period
    • will be affected by the integration of benefits
  • If your Dental Medica Vision Insurance:
    • group benefits through your employer
    • association benefits
    • individual coverage
    • can be transferred from group to individual without medicals

We can help you review and organize your existing insurance using YISF-Your Insurance Summary Form.

Video Conference Insurance Review from the safety and comfort of your home.

Contact us for a free review and evaluation of your existing insurance, insurance quotes, and options.


MSI - Mario Schwarzenberg Insurance Services Inc. As a broker with 27 years experience in selling insurance, paying claims and access to all major insurance companies, I can offer a variety of plans at most competitive rates. Mario Schwarzenberg - Owner/Broker "Thinking insurance ... think Mario" "Your Insurance Man in the Pink Shirt" www.MarioInsurance.com/Services Life insurance, Critical Illness, Mortgage Insurance, Disability Insurance, Dental Medical, Buy-Sell, Key Person, Partners Insurance