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MBT Markham Board of Trade

Benefits for the members of Markham Board of Trade (MBT)

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Business Insurance

Key-Person Insurance
Three types of Key-Person Insurance:
1) Key-Person Life Insurance
2) Key-Person Critical Illness Insurance
3) Key-Person Disability Income Protection

Buy-Sell Insurance
Insurance to buy out financial interest from the family of the deceased partner or shareholder.

Corporate Critical Illness Insurance
Corporate Critical Illness Insurance can offer valuable protection to cover losses incurred as a results of business partner, shareholder or a key person becoming critically ill.

Dental Medical Insurance
Offers tax favorable benefits for the owners and employees of the business.

Disability Insurance
With a disability insurance policy, when you become unable to work because of an accident or illness, you are paid a set amount in benefits each month. Your income level helps determine your need.

Mario Schwarzenberg – Ambassador at MBT

Family Insurance

Life Insurance
Who will provide for your family?

Critical Illness
Can you financially survive an unexpected illness?

Mortgage Insurance
Are you protecting your family or the bank?

Insurance For Children
Are you protecting future needs of your children?

Dental Medical Insurance
Can you save on tax when paying for dentist or prescription drugs?

Funeral Insurance
Can you save on funeral expenses?

Family Benefits
Did you know you can receive Family Benefits as part of insurance at no additional cost to you?


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– Group Dental-Medical
– Disability / Critical Illness
– Mortgage / Life insurance
– Key Person and/or Buy-Sell Funding
– Family Benefits